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If You Are Gay Join Corporate American Companies Like Intuit and Visa

Corporate America and LGBTQ

Corporate America is a true champion in terms of consideration of LGBTQ Equality as they show the right commitment. Corporate companies in America don’t give priority to sexuality (LGBTQ) in job arenas.

In this regard, it can be said that gay sex is not an issue because in a country like America, there are amazing companies who above all give priority to the employee’s dedication and commitment to his work irrespective of his sexuality.

Whether in terms of communal support or in terms of partnership with LGBTQ associations or a commitment to a secure and accommodating place of work, priority should be given to what companies are actually advocating concerning LGBTQ rights, especially if you are identified as a gay, bisexual or it is you are a transgender.

Have doubts in your mind regarding your sexual orientation? Clear those doubts because the company will cordially welcome you ignoring your sexuality. Your sexual preference will not hamper your job. But in spite of this progress, new information from “Glassdoor” clearly demonstrates the fact that LGBT folks still face noteworthy discrimination in their workplace.

In a survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Glassdoor, it has been noted that more than half of the LGBTQ employees complained that they have experienced “anti-LGBTQ comments” by their co-workers. This upholds sexuality as a big issue.

Gay sex is no problem on entering a job

In 2019, several companies whether big and small have emerged as the champion of hiring employees regardless of their sexuality. These companies undoubtedly support “LGBTQ equality.” So, if you are an LGBTQ applicant addicted to homosexuality, and is willing to work for a comprehensive company (both in and out of the workplace), then send your CV to these business companies.

Here are two noteworthy business companies and how they provide support to LGBTQ Equality.


The Intuit Pride Network is Flagship Employee Resource groups, which has served as a member of foundation with Intuit’s Diversity Council (about 10 years ago). The company has 330 strong members and 10 active chapters worldwide. The Pride Network happens to a part of its culture.

Some will sing the glory of Domestic Partnership Benefits for which Bangalore fought hard and the revitalization of the initiative associated with their Safe Space Workplace.

Many will drive Education and Awareness, fundraising as well as hosting of events that will be beneficial to community organizations for instance National Organizations that support LGBTQ plus initiatives such as Gender Cool Project.


Visa has expressed its interest to support LGBTI, the guide concerning practice of policies and practices associated with a gay or any LGBTI employee and inclusive places of work. This guide has been issued by the Office of United Nations Human Rights.

It outlines 5 standards of conduct that uphold those business communities that undertake favouritism against not only gay (G) people but also those who are lesbian (L), bisexual (B), transgender (T) and intersex (T). All these words together calls for the abbreviation called LGBTI.

Visa is noteworthy as it has received 100% rating on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index. It is the best concern associated with LGBTQ Equality bestowed by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.